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Gold Medal & Top 10 Best Chardonnays in the World @ 2020 Chardonnay du Monde


We are happy to announce that our Rietvallei JMB Chardonnay 2019 received a gold medal and placed in the top 10 best chardonnays in the world at the 2020 Chardonnay du Monde.

The 2020 Chardonnay du Monde saw 658 samples from 37 countries being tasted and scored. The competition was held at the Chateau des Ravatys in France’s Burgundy region, where half the judging panel came from outside France. Not only do organisers comply with international competition standards, but use scientific criteria for tasting and maintain strict quality standards, making this one of the most credible international contests.

An overview of our JMB Chardonnay 2019:

The Rietvallei JMB Chardonnay 2019 is a full-bodied, complex wine with excellent fruit and wood- integration. Lots of work in the vineyard and minimal interference in the cellar, allows this wine to express its terroir to the fullest. A complex nose, rich in citrus aromas and complemented by some spicy, toasted oak notes. The palate is rich and creamy, with a mixture of ripe orange, lemon and lime flavours.

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