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67 Minuets for Mandela Day


On the 18th of July each year we honour Nelson Mandela by dedicating 67 minutes of our time to change the world and make a difference. We all need help sometimes in our lives, but we decided to help those who cannot always help themselves.

The SPCA in Ashton immediately caught our attention, we felt an immediate connection as the Rietvallei team are all big animal lovers. We set out to visit the dogs and cats at the SPCA, the excitement on the way there was contagious! Johnny and Austin were the muscle of the day and carried the dog and cat food while Elizabeth and Annie carried the blankets we were donating.

It was a day well spent and the happy faces and licks we received from the animals made it all worth it. Mandela Day really shows us that we can make a difference, all we need is to begin somewhere, no matter how big or small, collectively we have a major impact. 

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