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Gluten Free Shiraz & Fig Brownies


Try our gluten free shiraz & fig brownies recipe, the flavours might sound strange but we can assure you that it all works together perfectly! Even more delicious when paired with our Rietvallei 1908 Muscadel, the oldest muscadel in South Africa.


500ml Rietvallei Shiraz
Dark brown sugar
150g 70% dark chocolate, broken into pieces
200g unsalted butter, chopped
2 eggs
200g almonds
200g soft dried figs, quartered
180g gluten-free flour mix


1. Pour the Shiraz into a saucepan and boil until only about 150 mL remain. When it’s cooked down by two-thirds the Shiraz will be thick
and syrupy, this is how you know when it’s ready. 

2. Stir in the sugar, return to a low heat until the sugar dissolves. Take the saucepan off the heat, stir in the chocolate and butter and leave to
melt. Then beat in the eggs, stir in half of the figs and almonds and then fold in the gluten-free flour mix.

3. Line the base and sides of a deep, 20-centimetre square brownie tin with non-stick baking paper or foil. Spoon the mixture into the tin, press a scant layer of the remaining sliced figs and almonds into the top and bake at 180°C for about 30 minutes or until the edges have set and the middle is still a bit wobbly. Leave to cool in the tin, preferably overnight, then it’s ready to slice.



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