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Stylish label refinement for Rietvallei


At the occasion of Rietvallei Wine Estate celebrating 160 years in the hands of the Burger family, the revamp of its wine labels is a most befitting step to pay tribute to the estate’s rich history and remarkable achievements.

Subtle as these design changes may be, they meticulously match the refined character of the product in the bottle, which has launched this Robertson Wine Valley winery on a rising curve of recognition and accolades at the country’s foremost showdowns of wine quality and character in recent times.

This carefully devised measure is introduced in various stages for the estate’s respective wine ranges, with the Rietvallei Estate Portfolio – incorporating both the Heritage and Classic Collections – being the first in line, to be followed in due course by the John B and Stonedale brands.

As one of South Africa’s oldest family-owned wineries, Rietvallei is paying tribute to its 160 years’ existence, passionately driven by the Burger family for six generations since 1864 here at the heart of this picturesque and dynamic wine valley.

The design is elegant and sophisticated, subtly incorporating historic elements like vintage fonts, gold foiling and intricate detailing, enhanced by refined debossing. These features harmoniously blend into a contemporary look, while the natural uncoated paper adds a touch of old-world charm.

These beautiful labels were once again created by Haumann Smal Design Studio, aptly capturing Rietvallei’s dedication to preserving its heritage while embracing modern aesthetics.

Said owner-winemaker Kobus Burger, “It’s more than just a visual upgrade; this new face symbolises our journey and commitment to quality, making a powerful statement about the estate’s place in the past, present, and future in winemaking.”


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